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How about something crunchy?

Adam thinks Doritos are an awesome addition to a startup space

Rock climbing wall

Matt, co-founder of Poet Retail would love to have a rock climbing wall for fun and excercise

How about a massive pit ball in your office?

George is a software developer at PiinPoint. He dreams about having a ball pit in the office for the whole...

The Lounge space

For Andre the lounge space is essential for startups.

State of the Art Kitchen

A state of the art kitchen + amazing chefs to cook amazing food for everybody in the office.

The Go-Kart Track

Jim is a co-founder of PiinPoint. He dreams about a go-kart track in the basement and a secret poker room...

Huge Playground

Lalit works for Sixfactors. His ideal workplace would have a huge playground where he could have fun with his friends...

Pillows and a Quiet Room

Adam is the co-founder of PiinPoint. His dream office would have a quiet space with monitors and pillows.

Multi floor slide

Chad is the co-founder of Liiv. His ideal office would have a big slide from the top floor to the...

Beach with Wi-Fi

His dream startup office must have a beach with Wi Fi!

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